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by Kit

A miscellaneous assortment of games that generally are quieter, or at least ‘less active’, usually require less space and often played at parties. Some games are traditional, others won’t be, so feel free to browse. Don’t forget to check out the other pages for other games that are suitable… you just have to choose what type of party you want… quiet or riot or just perhaps a bit or both!

Party Planning

When you are planning a childrens’ party (or any sort of children’s event), decide whether you want to have one that is themed as this may decide whether you also want to theme the games and guide what you might need.

It is best to start off with a big active group game (I found it doesn’t really matter if its a team or non-team game), anything that will help run off lots of excited energy. End the party on quiet group game if its a youngish group of people (‘Heads down, Thumbs up‘ or ‘Thief‘ are great for the over 6’s) or another energetic game if the group is mainly made up of older children (ie the age just before they do not want traditional parties or games anymore). Have a mixed selection of games and activities available to do in between.

It’s best to be flexible in the order you play them, although it is possible to play a set of games in a set order. A quieter game following an active one is useful for quietening them down, but if you’ve got an energetic group, run them off their feet for a bit before trying to play a quiet game. Lastly don’t play the same games each year… try and play something new each year. Although there are games that seem to get frequently requested, (e.g. we always found the chocolate game always asked for!)

If you want to play a selection of games in a set order a novel way of doing it is to use Pass the Parcel and in the various layers place bits of paper naming various games. Once the game has been played you resume playing Pass the Parcel until the parcel is completely unwrapped and the centre prize has been reached.

Some possible themes

Knights and Castles

Party Games

Use search to find a game that suits your needs or browse from those listed below for ideas.

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