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by Kit
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This is a far more difficult game to play perfectly than it seems – more dangerous too as offence can be taken, although it is not meant.

One player thinks of a famous person or person known to all participants (this is obviously more fun). The other players then try to guess the identity by asking him to describe the person in terms of analogies. For example, “what kind of building is he/she?”, the answer could be anything from a town hall to a thirties semi-detached to a castle in Spain. Analogies categories can be: modes of transport, animals, food drink, smells, weather, machines, etc..

Do not fall the trap of confusing what the person ‘likes’ with what the person is like, ie a person likes champagne, but they might be more like fizzy lemonade (at least, you think they are) and this is where the offence-not-meant-but-easily-taken can occur.

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