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Bat and Moth

by Kit
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You will need:

A great, simple game to help educate children (and older ones too!) about bats and their use of echolocation to find their food.

Can be used with small groups even just a few children. However, because one of the players will be blindfolded, you will need a playing area devoid of any obstacles.

The basic game

Select two players. One player becomes the ‘bat’, the other the ‘moth’. The player who is the bat stands in the centre of the playing area and puts on the blindfold (no peaking!). Once the bat is blindfolded, the ‘moth’ can choose where they like to stand in the playing area.

The basic rules are whenever the bat shouts “bat, bat”. The moth has to respond “moth, moth”. The bat is free to move as much as they like, but the moth can only move upto 3 paces in any direction after they have responded with “moth, moth”. If you want you can just play it as blind mans buff with the moth able to move around freely.

If you have older players and want something a bit more elaborate for them and more inline with how echo location works that allows bats to also avoid obstacles like trees have a look at “Bat, Moth, Tree”

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