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Feeding the Brute

by Kit
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You can adjust this game for any number of players, but ideally needs a minimum of two players with a third player assisting and adjudicating. Due to the nature of this game it’s best to ascertain the level of risk for players.

Each player taking part sits on a chair with their heads tilted backwards. The assistant/s place a small biscuit or flat sweet on each players forehead. On the word ‘Go’ each player has to try and get it into their mouth and eat it without using their hands.

  1. Play as the person who eats the greatest number in a given time.
  2. Person who is quickest to finish a single biscuit/sweet.

Stand back and watch the fun!

This can also be a team game. When the first eater has successfully eaten they are replaced by the next in the team, and so on until everybody in the team has had a go.

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