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Group Scavenger Hunt

by Kit
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Have the audience break into 3 – 4 groups. The leader calls out different items or activities for the groups to produce. The first group (the entire group does not have to go) to come up to the front with the item gets a point. The group with the most points at the end wins.

Some suggested items and activities, but do change and add items appropriate to the age of your players:

  • Red (or another colour) shoelace – to be removed from the shoe
  • Pen with a chewed cap
  • Penny or any coin with a certain date
  • Paper clip
  • Stamp
  • Family picture
  • A guy wearing red lipstick
  • 2 people with their shoelaces tied together
  • Gum in the wrapper – MC thanks the person and then eats the gum
  • Key chain with at least 8 keys
  • Church bulletin
  • Book mark
  • Store receipt

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