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Earth, Air, Water, Fire

by Kit
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You will need:
Small soft object, although a set of keys might work if players are okay with this.

Players sit in a circle. One player walks around the inside of the circle with a small piece of cloth such a handkerchief or a small ball. When the player walking around reaches a player they want to challenge they throw the ball or piece of cloth into the seated player’s lap and shout out either “Earth”, “Air” or “Water” and then counts to 5. The seated player has to respond by naming an animal which lives in the appropriate category, e.g. if Water is called out, any animal that lives in water can be stated (‘air’ includes any bird or animal that can live in the air, etc). A new animal must be thought of each time. Animals cannot be repeated in the game. If the seated player is unable to respond correctly in time they swap places with the player standing.

If the player standing is unsuccessful in changing places after a number of attempts they can call “fire”. The response is “salamander” by all players and everybody has to get up and move seats. The player left without a seat after this shuffle becomes the next person in the middle.

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