Are you there Moriarti?

Sent in by Sarah McDermott

“I would like to suggest “Are You There Moriarti?” (like the villain in Sherlock Holmes!) which we, the Grimes family, play in our family get-togethers!”

Sarah McDermott

You will need:
– 2 blindfolds
– rolled up newspapers (or long empty cardboard tubes)

Two players are blindfolded and each given a rolled-up newspaper. They lie on the floor opposite each other, face down and holding hands in the middle (both right or both left hands) arms stretched out as much as possible so they are as far from the other person as they can get. They take it in turns to say “Are You There Moriarti?” to which the other person has to answer “yes” (usually trying to throw their voice!). Then the asker tries to hit the other person over the head with their newspaper. 

The other person is allowed to roll out of the way whenever they want but obviously trying not to let the asker know where they are! This can go on for as long as it entertains you!! You could give points for a direct hit or a glancing blow!!

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