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Chain Reaction

Fun game that's also educational as a useful model of a chain reaction. Pick a large area for.


Old paper and pencil game (or any writing surface) for two or more players. An early version mentioned.

Flag Dice

Sent in by Pat Adams Created for games evening themed around Canada. Simple game which the Girl Guides.

The Hat Game

Players don't need to know each other so it's a good icebreaker on occasions when there are strangers.

Satan’s Revenge

Sent in by Michelle Demarest, Inspiration Youth Traveling Theatre Troupe "BEWARE!!!! This game can be very rowdy!!... ...We.

Round the World

You will need: Pieces of A4 card or paper (or US Letter) Write the names of various countries.

Bat, Moth, Tree

You will need:Blindfold/s This is a more elaborate version of "Bat and Moth" a simple game used to.

Number Circle

Needs a relatively large group of players. Players spread out into a large circle and can either sit.

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