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Duck Racing

by Kit
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Sent in by Lyn Hunt

[More an activity than a game, but great fun if it can be organised and included with several other games that can be played nearby.]

At our Church Children’s club we have an annual duck race, when we race numbered plastic ducks along a stream just for fun. The winner wins the coveted “golden duck” ( a plastic duck painted gold. ) Needs permission from your local council but we have never found this a problem.”

Lyn Hunt

To avoid pollution problems, arrange to have a net downstream to catch all the ducks so they don’t disappear. Clean up crews as well to patrol the course afterwards to pick out any stranded ducks (and perhaps any litter left by spectators).

Apparently a knack to stop ducks from keeling over is to screw in a heavy ring bolt.. although this might not work so well if you are using a shallow stream.

A couple of more ecological versions are:

Pooh Sticks‘ – instead of plastic ducks, each player/contestant uses a stick which they identify using a small piece of coloured and/or numbered ribbon.

Fairy rafts‘ – contestants/players have to design a small raft that is totally made from natural materials.

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