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by Kit

I’m a huge fan of the traditional and contemporary playground and group games and over the years have collated lots of games and still adding more. So, no matter what the situation or occasion you’ll probably find a game or two to suit.

Regarding adapting games. Lots of the games listed here are the ‘stock’ or basic games that lend themselves to variation and adaptation to make them suitable for the situation (e.g. number, age and mix of children or youth). There are no rules about ‘not adapting games’. They usually need to be adapted to suit your purpose. If I know of a specific adaptation to a basic game I’ve included it.

All games have some educational value, but of course some are more so than others. If you need help finding a game to demonstrate a particular educational concept and not sure, drop me a note I’ll do my best to help.

Games are not that hard to organise…  Having said that, from experience there are a few things that make it easier:

  1. Be prepared to be adaptable!  Many games when they are played do not end up as they were originally envisaged, either because of the age of the players, players understanding of the rules, lack of equipment or even because you want to use something specific (e.g. games that use eggs). If you stick hard and fast to what games to play and how they should be played, you might find it much harder work and possibly not working at all.
  2. Have a few games up your sleeve. Even if you are out for a country walk, just knowing a few games is useful. Children are often (but not always) good at coming up with their own games, but it’s always easier to manage moments if you have something up your sleeve.  And it doesn’t have to be elaborate. Knowing a few variants on the game of ‘tag’ such as “fizz, buzz” or “bob down it” is very useful as it makes play easier/possible for different ages.

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