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Relay Race

You need:
Ball or balloon for each team

Teams form a line one behind each other facing forward at one end of the hall. The objective is to get the ball from the first person in the team to the end of the line, but by passing the ball backwards over their heads with outstretched arms to the player behind. As soon as the last player has received the ball/balloon they run to the front of the line and start passing it back again. However, everybody stays in position (don’t shuffle back) so that the line slowly as each last in line moves to the front, creeps to the other end of the hall. Race stops when one team reaches the other end of the hall.

Alternate method.

Teams start one end of the hall in a line as before, but with the starting person closest to the wall and facing it. Team members line behind them, all facing the wall as well. As soon as the first person has successfully finished passing the ball to the next person they leave their position and run to the back of the line. Each succcessive person once they have finished passing does the same ideally so the ball never actually reaches the back of the line until the team has reached the wall.

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