The one with the chocolate…

AKA: The Chocolate Game


  • 1 x 6 sided dice.
  • Some items of clothing which can be quickly put on e.g. hat, gloves or oven gloves, scarf, etc.
  • Bar of chocolate on a plate (leave the wrapper on), knife and fork.

HINT: If you don’t want to see your bar of chocolate finished within a few minutes of the game starting, make sure you’ve included some sort of glove or mitten which makes it difficult to handle utensils, e.g. a pair of oven gloves or thick woolly gloves.


A great group or party game that’s lot of fun and just as popular with adults for some strange reason – probably something to do with the chocolate :-). With the group seated in a circle, put the items of clothes, and chocolate bar in the middle of the group. Leave the wrapper on the chocolate bar (- makes for a lot more fun). Players take turns to throw the dice and on throwing a 6 start to put on ‘all’ the items clothes and gloves before picking up the knife and fork in an attempt to get into the chocolate bar and eating it using the knife and fork only. They carry on attempting to get to and eat the chocolate until the next player throws a 6, which is the signal for them to stop and exchange the items of the clothes with the player who just threw the 6. Throughout this dice is continually passed around and rolled, so it’s quite possible for another player to get a 6 even before the other player gets an item of clothing on.

Game stops when all the chocolate is eaten…. unless you happen to have another bar handy 🙂

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