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Two players are designated as sharks and stand in a small marked area in the center of the.

The Sponge

Credited to Elizabeth Oliveras Some games are just too good not to share and this one is quick,.

Fill the Bucket

Relay Race/Obstacle Course You need:- Bucket for each team- Water- Cup or another similar container for each team.

Pirates Pistols

You will need:- Water pistol/s- Blindfold- A treasure to be guarded A simple but fun variant of 'Thief',.

Squirt Game

Everyone sits in a circle. One person is the "squirter" for the 1st round and given a spray.

Gummy Worm Bobbing

Sent in by Scott Carrill Popular game with children and youth, AND lots of potential for getting wet.


Certainly traditional since it was mentioned in "The House at Pooh Corner" by A. A. Milne and quite.

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