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Messy race!

Each team either nominates a team member or takes it in turns. Shallow tray filled with honey, treacle.

Jigsaw Relay

Give each team the pieces to a simple unassembled jigsaw (e.g. no more than 50 pieces). One jigsaw.

Ping Pong Push

Each competitor has to push a ping pong ball with their nose over a set course. Part of.

Pushing the Matchbox

You will need Per team/person:- Empty matchbox- Party blower (some people call them "devil's tongues"), but you probably.

Fanning the Kipper

You need: paper and scissorsold magazines or cereal packet cardboard. Race/Relay Race/Activity Cut some large A4 sized fish.

Time Ball

Relay Race You need:- ball for each team Teams line up with about 2m between each player and.

Fill the Bucket

Relay Race/Obstacle Course You need:- Bucket for each team- Water- Cup or another similar container for each team.

Down and Back

Relay Race You need:- Football or small ball for each team Simple race. Basically a race of 'put'.

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