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Common Phrases Quiz

Here’s a quiz for children and young people that you use any time of the year.

[Common Phrases Quiz for Children PDF]

How many phrases, nursery rhymes or books can you recognise from just the first letter of each word?
e.g. “7 D in a W” would be 7 days in a week  (to make it a little easier where the title uses a numeric, a numeric has been used rather than the first letter of the numeric)

  • The B F G
  • The S 7
  • H P and the H B P
  • The G O D of Y he had 10,000 M
  • 365 D in a Y
  • 4 Q in a W
  • J and J R up the H
  • B B B S have you A W
  • G and the 3 B
  • 30 D have S A M and N
  • 24 h in a D
  • 12 D of C
  • 80 D A the W
  • 100 P in the P
  • WWW

Oh and the answers can be found here:

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