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“Are you my last lover?”

by Kit
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You will need:
– Blindfold

This is played very much like the game “Squeak Piggy Squeak“. Players sit in a circle or around the room with two people in the middle, one of whom is the ‘guesser’ the other their guide. The guesser is blindfolded and with the help of their guide led to another player and helped to sit on their lap.

Once seated the guesser asks “Are you my last lover?” to which the player they are seated on has to respond “no” in a disguised voice. The guesser is allowed 2 or 3 attempts to identify the person. If they fail they are guided to another player and carry on until they identify somebody or their guide feels its another person’s turn. Players who are identified become the next guesser and the game starts over.

To make things a little harder the guide may find it better to spin the person guessing around a few times to disorientate them once blindfolded. Alternatively or additionally players get up and mix around so the guesser cannot guess just by where they are in the room.

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