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Hide and Seek

by Kit
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Suggested by Faith

Chances are most know this game, but there’s always the possibility that there is somebody who has never played it and doesn’t know how to. Hide and seek is very simple, fun for virtually all ages and the basis for many other games.

Can be played by two or more people. One (or several) players are chosen to be the seeker and remain behind, while the other players go and hide within a predetermined area (eg somewhere within a room, house, garden, woods…). The seeker is not allowed to watch while the other/s hide, typically left facing a wall or surface and slowly counts up to a number chosen by the other player/s. At the end of the period, the seeker can start moving around to look for the other player/s. Decide if the seeker should count down loudly so everybody can hear or if preferred quietly to themselves.

Players, when found, have to return to where they started from. Usually, it’s the first person found who becomes the seeker in the next round, but this is not a hard a fast rule and it may be that everybody likes one person being the seeker or finds one person is constantly being the first person found.

Yes, it can be played in a house. It’s fun seeing all the unusual spaces children use to hide even in a small house. Although you might need to point out places ‘not’ to hide. Some of these seem obvious, but then again. E.g. don’t hide in fridges or freezers (working or not – airtight seal) Or within anything like a washing machine/tumble dryer.

Maybe you’ll be lucky like Lucy and discover Narnia. You never know… ūüôā

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