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Fizz – Buzz!

by Kit
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Fizz-buzz is a very handy version of Tag if you want to have a home or two for those being chased to rest, but also not allow everybody to be resting at the same time… It’s no fun if nobody is running ūüėČ

Play as in tag, but designate one or two bases that are a distance from each other. The rule is that only one person can occupy a base at any one time. When a person being chased wants to occupy the base they have to say ‘Fizz’ or ‘Buzz’, to get the person occupying the base to leave so they can take their place – at least until they are buzzed off by the next player!

That’s the basic rule and there are various ways to play it. If you play with just one base you can decide which word or both need to be used. If you use two bases, you can name/designate each base one as ‘Fizz’ and the other as ‘Buzz’ and players have to use the right name at the base for the person occupying it to leave.

The other useful rule is that if you were resting at a base, you cannot immediately return to it, you can only go to the other base if you want to rest again.

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