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Sent in by Eileen McBride

All you need are stairs and a rock/pebble. If you don’t have a set of stairs handy or do not feel like using them, chairs in a line or a drawn ladder on the ground, etc will work.

Group game although probably for small groups of 3 or more. Decide who will be the teacher. The rest of the children sit on the first stair. The teacher puts her hands behind her back and places the pebble in either her right or left hand. Go to the first child and have them guess which hand the pebble is in. If they guess correctly they get to advance to the next step, or “get promoted.” 

The pebble should be switched (or not switched) for each player’s turn.  Continue down the line giving each child a chance to guess which hand the pebble is in.  Whoever reaches the top stair first is the winner.  If there aren’t many stairs, you may want to go up and back down the stairs and the child who reaches the original stair first is the winner.  The winner gets to be the teacher next game.

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