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I Accuse

by Kit
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A good starter game. Even those people who think they hate games tend to enjoy this.

One person is made umpire and leaves the room with a pencil and paper. Each of the other players then thinks of a famous character which they keep to themselves. Players then, in turn, leave the room to give the umpire the name of their famous person or fictional character. A typical list might include the Archbishop of Canterbury, Anna Ford, Nick Faldo, etc. When everyone has given a name, the umpire returns to the room and reads out the list of names given to them twice. They then choose who starts the game, and this person decides who is most likely to have given a particular name e.g.

Player 1 (Starting player): I accuse Fred of being Mrs Malaprop.
Player 2 (Fred): No, I am not, but I accuse Leo of being Desperate Dan. (You do not have to accuse the person who accused you.)

A correctly accused player drops out, and the accuser moves on to accuse someone else.

Obviously, you want to avoid detection, so you either give the name of an extremely improbable person, or you choose a person so famously associated with your interests that no one would think you could be so unsubtle. As you can see, it is an exercise in bluff and double bluff.

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