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What you need:
– Random variety of miscellaneous items… boxes, containers, household items, clothing, sports equipment, etc. you choose ūüôā
– Some imagination

Some might say this is not a game for the unimaginative… but until you play you never know. There are a few ways of playing this. Some variants are more suited to those who are less experienced at using their imagination that others. It’s also not a game about winning, but playing and having fun. Of course, if you want to award points for imaginative use… Game for any age depending on how you play it and great for encouraging young minds to be imaginative (as if they need an excuse ;-)).

The main idea is that players, in turn, act and use one of the items in an imaginative way which is not the items original purpose, eg a blanket becomes Superman’s cape or a matador’s red cape or holding a baby in a blanket, etc.

  1. Players sit in a circle, put all the props in the middle. Players in turn go to the centre of the circle to pick any item and use it in an imaginative way. Props can be used any number of times, but never in the same way twice. This way of playing helps take the pressure off those players who are more nervous and like to choose a prop.
  2. Sitting a circle, give one prop to each player. Players can only use the prop they are given. Next round swap props around.
  3. More challenging… Each player, in turn, has to come up with a new way to use the same prop as it’s passed around. Give players a chance to ‘pass’ if they genuinely can’t think of something to do with it.
  4. Play as teams. With the props in the middle. Members from each team, in turn, go to the middle to select a prop and act with it.

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