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Duck, Duck, Goose

by Kit
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This game works best with larger groups. It can be played with small groups (eg minimum 5), but definitely works better the more players there are and great for children’s parties etc.

Players sit in a circle facing inwards with one player (the fox) standing outside the circle. This player then walks around the circle several times if they wish, touching each player in turn and naming them “duck” each time. If at any point they name somebody as ‘goose’, that player then has to chase after the fox by touch tagging them before the fox can run around the circle and reach the space the ‘goose’ had just vacated. If the fox is caught the player called goose returns to their place, if they fail to catch the fox, they become the fox for the next round.

If it’s likely there might be some favouritism in who gets picked as Goose. In order to give everybody a chance to play, those who have already been picked as Goose sit with their arms folded or some other visual indicator to show they’ve had their turn.

Hint: As this relies on tagging the person, there is nothing in to stop those who are quick enough turning round in time to tag the ‘fox’ without even leaving their space. However, if you miss… !


Duck, Duck, Goose Through the Marshes.

In this version, the Fox in an effort to escape capture can weave a course in-between the other players while trying to get back to the place vacated. The ‘goosed’ player has to follow this course exactly while chasing. If they make a mistake the other players shout “goose” and the player then looses and becomes the next fox.


Played as Duck, Duck, Goose, but players have to hop around the circle rather than run.

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