Bash ball

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[Also known as: “Ball Bop”]

A lot of fun and used to be a youth club favourite. Needs a fair number of players to make it work though (minimum 8?). The maximum number of players is more or less determined by what space you have and how far players can roll or punch the ball along the ground. So if you have a particularly large group it might better to break into smaller groups.


  • Good sized ball, e.g. football, softball, etc. When playing with younger children a softer ball is preferred as it’s slower and doesn’t hurt as much if somebody bashes it too hard.
  • Flat relatively level playing area.


Players arrange themselves in a circle so that they can stand legs wide enough apart to let the ball through and also with their feet touching those of their neighbours either side. There should be no gaps in the circle. Without moving their feet players then attempt to throw, knock or bash the ball between the legs of the other players. Players can defend themselves from this happening by using both hands and bending down, but they also have to stay in position without moving their feet.

Players start out with 2 lives each. If the ball goes through a players legs they loose a ‘life’ and are restricted to using only one hand to defend themselves. If the ball goes through a players legs a second time, they loose their second ‘life’ and remain standing in position, because this is where the fun starts. If somebody knocks the ball through the legs of a player who is already out, they also loose a ‘life’.

Play continues until tired enough to stop or only one person remaining.

NOTE: Playing in a stooped position is quite tiring, so when playing with younger players consider stopping the game early or only allowing one life.

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