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Cod, Fish, Whale

Very similar to Number Circle, but players are named in turn as either Cod, Fish or Whale.

Best with a large number of players who spread out into a circle. Players can either all be sat down or remain standing in this circle formation for the game. The leader goes around the circle labelling each player as being either cod, fish or whale (or any other groupings you want to use e.g. earth, air, fire).

The game is played by the leader calling out either cod, fish or whale. All those in the group called out have to get up (if they were sitting) and run clockwise around the outside of the circle and keep running until the leader calls ‘home’. Last player back to their place after the leader calls home, is out/eliminated.

If wanted, the leader can call out other groups to run at the same time and if they call ‘change’ or ‘shark’, players have to immediately run in the opposite direction.

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