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Came across this game at a children’s party the other day and picked a suitable name at random for it. It’s sort of a cross between the game NEWS and the game Runaround (used in the old children’s TV gameshow Runaround of the same name).

You can either decide on a set of 4 names following a theme or ask the players to do this. Give each corner of a room one of these names and make sure the players know which corner is which.  One person is the caller (usually yourself or who ever it running the game) and arranges themself so they cannot see the corners or the room.

All the remaining players stand in the middle of the room and on command from the caller (e.g. “choose” or “run”), they individually choose which corner they want to run to.  The caller, without seeing who is any of the corners, randomly chooses one of the corners by name. Whoever is in that corner is out of the game. If noboby is in that corner, nobody is out. Keep playing for several rounds until only a few or one person is left to win the game.

The game can be played as a team game by splitting everybody into teams, with the last person/s left winning points for their team, or it can just be non-team.

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