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Blind Man’s Buff

by Kit
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A very traditional game, best played in a relatively enclosed space like a large room or small hall and ideally free of obstacles, at least ones that could be dangerous to somebody walking/running but unable to see.

A player is chosen or volunteers to be the catcher and be blindfolded so they are unable to see anything. They are led to the centre of the room, while all the other players place themselves around the room.

The blindfolded player then has to catch/tag as many other players as possible. Relying on their other senses such as sound to work out where they are.


  • Players when they are tagged, change places with the catcher, put the blindfold on and chase until they tag somebody.
  • Once a player is caught, the catcher also has to guess who it is they caught.

If you know of any other variations or other names for this traditional game, let us know…

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