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20 Questions

by Kit
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a.k.a. "Animal Vegetable or Mineral"

Old guessing game, popular for the odd “I’m bored” moment or as a travel game. Any number of players.

The first player thinks of any object/item and decides whether it belongs to the category of animal, vegetable or mineral:-

Animal – Any living (or dead) animals including humans (named famous or well-known people)

Vegetable – All plants.

Mineral – Anything thing made from non living material.

Once a player has decided on the item and category it belongs to they tell the other player/s which of the three categories it is in. The other player/s then have to find out what the item is by asking up to 20 questions, to which the first player can ONLY answer “yes” or “no”. If the item has not been guessed by the 20th question the first player wins and gets another chance, otherwise the player who guessed wins and thinks of a new item. (if you find certain players are too good at guessing, change the rules slightly so that players take turns to think of questions. Possibly better to play this way for younger children).

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