Elbow Tag

by Kit
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silhouette of children running
Suggested by Peter Provost

Children pair up with each other, link arms and scatter in their pairs around a playing field/area. One or two are picked to be chasers and chase the pairs. The object of the game is for one of the chasers to hook onto the arm (elbow) of one of the pairs, when they do so the other one of the pair must leave and becomes the chaser. The game carries on until desired.

Probably worth adding the ‘no get back’ rule – that chasers cannot chase the pair they’ve just been part of.


In this version pairs who are joined are ‘home’ or ‘safe’.

Players pair up and lock elbows (ie arm in arm). One person remains free as the chaser and then several pairs are chosen to become unattached. The chaser can only chase unattached individuals. To be safe those who are unattached must lock elbows with one side of a pair. The person on the other side of the pair must then break off and find another pair to attach to.

Chain reaction.

See separate listing for details. Good game for helping demonstrate how nuclear reactors work and playing with fuel rod to control rod ratios.


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