Hen Pecked!

by Kit
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silhouette of children running
Loosely based on Coloured Eggs a game sent in by Littlebrat994

Game for any time, although would work well in any Easter themed party or event for children.

You’ll need a basket or suitable container with a number of differently coloured balls or objects (some colours can be the same), enough for one ball or object for each player. Variously coloured eggs work well…

One player is chosen to be the ‘hen’ and can either leave the room or sits crossed leg on the ground with their head down and eyes closed, while all the other players remove an egg from the basket and conceal it so that the hen cannot tell what colour they’ve picked. When ready the hen stands by the basket and calls out a colour. All those holding the objects/eggs of that colour have to return the eggs to the basket without being ‘tagged’ by the hen.

Players can attempt to throw the eggs into the basket, but if they miss they have to try and pick it up and continue to get it into the basket without being tagged. Anybody tagged is out of the game. Anybody successful returns to safety for the next round.

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