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Gummy Worm Bobbing

by Kit
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A messy game for any time of the year that’s a different take on Apple Bobbing. As it involves getting wet, it could be very useful for when it’s hotter and looking for a game to help cool off ūüôā

You’ll need a large clean container such as cooler box, washing bowl or even an inflatable paddling pool, filled with water. Put in this a number of ‘gummyworms’ (sweet jelly worms or snakes). The aim of the game is for players to ‘bob’ for the worms – that is fish a worm out using your mouth to grab one and without using your hands.

You could make this a team relay race game if you used two bowls of water instead of just one. First team in which all members have retrieved a gummy worm wins.

Having a towl or two on hand will be useful. And although it can be played with younger children be mindful as it requires you to hold your breath and put your face in the water at very least. Gummy worms can sink…

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