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Find the Ring

AKA 'Ring-on-the-String' You need:- A ring- A long piece of string (long enough for all players to be.

I Spy…

One of those very old traditional games, but very simple and popular, particularly as a travel game, for.

I Accuse

A good starter game. Even those people who think they hate games tend to enjoy this. One person.


Sent in by Jon Hyde Here is a game which I learnt about a year ago and my.

The Hat Game

Players don't need to know each other so it's a good icebreaker on occasions when there are strangers.

Find the Leader

One player, the 'guesser', goes out of the room (or in some way prevented from knowing who is.

Coloured Eggs

Sent in by Littlebrat994 You will need:A collection of differently coloured objects. A simple guessing game, probably better.

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