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Fluffy Bunnies

by Kit
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AKA: "Chubby Bunnies"

You will need:
One or more bags of marshmallows

This g ame is simple, can get very messy and has some hilarious results… The object of the game is to see who can cram the most marshmallow pieces into their mouth and still be able to say “Fluffy Bunnies” or “Chubby Bunnies” without loosing any marshmallows or swallowing any.

Go round everybody in turn, giving everybody a piece of marshmallow to hold in their mouth and asking them to say “Fluffy Bunnies”. Keep on going round in turn giving each person one more piece of marshmallow each time until those unable to say “Fluffy Bunnies” properly (or those spotted cheating and eating or chewing their pieces of marshmallow) are eliminated from the game.

Have large bin ready and/or cleaning equipment as many find it hard to hold the pieces in their mouth for long or while they are talking with their mouth full!

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