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You will need:- A parachute (play or otherwise) Simply use the parachute to adapt any circle game. E.g..

Number Circle

Needs a relatively large group of players. Players spread out into a large circle and can either sit.

Cod, Fish, Whale

Very similar to Number Circle, but players are named in turn as either Cod, Fish or Whale. Best.

Cockerel Fighting

Similar to Sumo Fighting 'playscheme style', but it's rougher and requires good balance, so perhaps not so suitable.

Captains Coming

Sent in by B Griffin A variation on the game NEWS or Ship, additional commands with a nautical.

Balloon Game

Equipment: A number of balloons already inflated, with lengths of string attached. Tie a balloon on a string.

Night Wide Games

With any wide game always bear in mind rules for keeping safe There's something about doing games and.

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