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Honey, do you love me?

by Kit
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AKA: “Smile Honey if you love me”

Sent in by sugarnspice71613 also Deborah Wilson, Tecoma Christian Reformed Church

This game is played by having a group of people sit in a circle and one person in the middle. The person in the middle then selects seated players to go up to and ask “Honey do you love me?.” And can be as humorous or coy as like when saying it as the idea is to make the person being addressed laugh. If the person laughs, players swap and person who laughed goes in the middle. If not, the person in the middle keeps selecting and asking players until they manage to get someone to laugh. (It’s funnier if you say it in a funny voice or sit on the person’s lap).

If it becomes too hard to make someone laugh change the rules so that smiling is not allowed either!

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