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Pole Game

Submitted by Joan Esser Preparation: Take a 5 foot (1.5m) closet pole / wooden pole. Drill holes all.

Time Ball

Relay Race You need:- ball for each team Teams line up with about 2m between each player and.

Down and Back

Relay Race You need:- Football or small ball for each team Simple race. Basically a race of 'put'.

Hand Ball

Relay Race You need:Ball or balloon for each team Teams form a line one behind each other facing.

Bouncing Balls

You will need:A parachute (play or otherwise)Several small balls (foam or tennis balls work well). Players hold the.

Round the Plughole

You will need:A parachute that has a central hole Several small light balls (eg foam or tennis balls).


You will need: Parachute (play or otherwise)Small soft ball Place a light-weight football on the chute surface and.

Question Ball

Before starting prepare in advance a largish ball such as a blow-up beach-ball or a bouncy one and.

Spider Ball

Played: FISH Club, Ewell, Surrey Use a large enclosed space. Start with two or three throwers. Basic dodgeball.

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