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Cat and Mouse

aka "Streets and Lanes" This does need a large number of players. E.g. school groups or similar sized.


Variation of Bulldogs. Set up as in Bulldogs with all players standing at one end of the playing.

British Bulldogs

Use a large pitch or hall for this game, to allow players plenty of room for manoeuvrability. Home.


aka: Scarecrow Tig One or more players are chosen as catchers depending on the number playing. There is.

Egg Throw

This can be done with real eggs or something less breakable if preferred as doing this with eggs.

Time Ball

Relay Race You need:- ball for each team Teams line up with about 2m between each player and.

Parachute Drop

You will need: A supply of balloonsA chair Players are each given a number and stand in a.

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