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“Phew! What a Stink!”

by Kit
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An interesting game with the potential to be an educational resource. Requires some setting up in advance.

You will need:

  • A number of opaque jars (glass jars with paper wrapped around them works)
  • Squares of muslin or cotton (again thick enough to be opaque)
  • Elastic bands or string to tie the muslin squares over the jar tops
  • Different ‘smelly’ items.

Put a different smelly item into each jar and number the jar if wished. Players have to guess what the smell is.

Educational potentials
This activity encourages individuals to concentrate on using their sense of smell to identify things.

  • Try identifying different herbs and spices.
  • Cut grass verses hay
  • Flower smells
  • Different foods

Games/Activities which look at the other senses include
Sound: Hearing Kim
Taste: What did I Eat?

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