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‘Wibbly Wobbly’ Race

by Kit
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Relay Race / Race

You need:
– two cricket stumps for each team
– If playing the more adult drinking version 2 individual pints (bottle/half litres) of cider/beer/larger for each player
– a large amount of space

This is an adaptation of a more adult version that was popular at university. Although it is more fun with alcohol (if the age of the players allows it!!) it can be played without.

Does need space, so either best outdoors or a very large hall. Place the two cricket stumps (or post of wood no more than a metre in height) a good 10 metres apart for each team. Teams line up a distance behind one set of posts. Each team member then, in turn, has to run to the first post, put their forehead on the stump and holding their forehead close to the stump circle the post as fast as they can anywhere between 10 – 20 times (you choose). They then have to try and run to the next post and repeat it before running back to the team. Sounds simple? Just make sure there is a fair distance between teams to allow for most players who somehow lose sense of direction!

The ‘adult’ version requires each participant to down 1 or ½ a pint at each end before running around the post. The results are funnier when several pints or more have already been drunk before the game!

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