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Fanning the Kipper

by Kit
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You need:

  • paper and scissors
  • old magazines or cereal packet cardboard.

Race/Relay Race/Activity

Cut some large A4 sized fish shapes out of paper. Line these up along a start line on the floor. Each child (or adult) crouches behind one and on the word ‘Go’ fans it with a magazine towards a dish (or finish line) at the far end of the room. First one to fan a kipper onto the dish or over the line wins.


This is very easy game and a great one for adapting for different ideas like this one developed for games themed around Canada

Canadian Flag

Sent in by Pat Adams

This can be played in teams or by individuals. You need two red paper stripes/bars, a red paper maple leaf, a white sheet of paper and straws. The idea is from a set point, to blow the bars and maple leaf onto the white background so that it looks like the Canadian Flag.

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