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Hunt the Thimble (3 versions)

by Kit
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Very old traditional game. Although traditionally a thimble, anything small and easily hideable can be used (button, cork, coin, etc)

There are several versions of this

1) One player is chosen to hide the thimble. All other players leave the room. When they have left the thimble coin, button or cork is hidden (does not have to be a visible location, eg under a pillow). When player enter back into the room, the person who hid it gives clues as to whether those seeking it are getting closer (hotter) or moving away (colder). The person to find it is the next person to hide it.

2) In this version when all players are out of the room the thimble is placed where it can be seen (just) without having to move anything. Players are given no help in finding the thimble and the first person to find it doesn’t announce the fact but sits down silently and waits for other finders to follow suit.

3) The moment a player sees the object, they do not say a word but sit down quietly on the floor and start to sing “3 blind mice”. Last one to be seated must pay a forfeit.

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