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Elbow Tag

Suggested by Peter Provost Children pair up with each other, link arms and scatter in their pairs around.


Can easily just try this with two people, but gets more fun with more in each group. The.


Players partner up and stand creating two concentric circles so that one stands on the inner circle facing.

Pacify the Baby

Sent in by Pamela Joseph We tried this game at a baby shower and it was great fun!""Its.

Story Ladders

Similar to the game Ladders, but needs a bit (or a lot!) of preparation in advance depending on.


Old favourite at Youth Club. Needs a fair amount of space and as there is a risk (depending.


"This game is still favourite in our mixed teen woodcraft folk group. It's not as tasteless as it.

Face to Face

Credited to Megan (prtyangel2005) For 11 or more players (odd numbers)One player is chosen to stand in the.

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