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Don't do this on a hard floor and be aware of any who have weak backs. There's a.

Pole Game

Submitted by Joan Esser Preparation: Take a 5 foot (1.5m) closet pole / wooden pole. Drill holes all.

Word Anagrams

Pencil and paper word activity. Particularly if you like anagrams. There is probably a more official name for.


You will need:- Paper and pencils- List of items (preferably of a similar theme). It may be helpful.


Sent in by Ian Gilmour "The reason it is fun is because with heaps of people the line.

Peas and Straw

You will need: 1 die. Some items of clothing which can be quickly put on e.g. hat, gloves.

The Maths Game

See also the Counting Game for a simpler version of this. Competitors pair up and hold just one.

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