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Down and Back

Relay Race You need:- Football or small ball for each team Simple race. Basically a race of 'put'.

Cat and Mouse

You will need:A parachute (play or otherwise)An empty can, or small soft object (bean bag, shoe..) Stand holding.


You will need:- Parachute (play or otherwise) Number the children around the circle, say one to six. Get.


This is very similar to the game 'NEWS' but instead of using compass points it uses parts of.

Number Circle

Needs a large number of players who spread out into a large circle and each player, in turn,.


This game takes its name from the fact the word NEWS also has all the points in the.

Story Ladders

Similar to the game Ladders, but needs a bit (or a lot!) of preparation in advance depending on.


Old favourite at Youth Club. Needs a fair amount of space and as there is a risk (depending.

Number Circle

Needs a relatively large group of players. Players spread out into a large circle and can either sit.

Cod, Fish, Whale

Very similar to Number Circle, but players are named in turn as either Cod, Fish or Whale. Best.

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