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Pencil and paper game for two players There are a few board game versions of this, but this.

Wink Murder

AKA King Killer You will need:- One piece of card for each player- One card marked with an.

Wait a Minute

Very easy quiet game. Good for ending sessions and helping players to calm down. Without looking at a.

Short Story

A game for when you are dying for a bit of peace and quiet. This seems simple but.

Quiet Game

AKA "Sit it out" Sent in by Marlena Davison Teachers will probably like this one, not to mention.

Hula-Hoop Pass

Sent in by Erika Dorsey You will need:A Hula-Hoop or similar large ring. You could consider playing this.

Hide and Seek

Suggested by Faith Chances are most know this game, but there's always the possibility that there is somebody.

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