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Hearing Kim

by Kit
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You will need:
– Either a number of items which make distinctive sounds.
– or a number of pre-recorded sounds of everyday items.
– pencil and paper for each player.

A game/activity thats good for concentrating on the sense of hearing.

Version 1. When using real items have these in the middle of a circle of seated players. Each player has a few moments to look at them then turns to face outwards. The leader then selects each item in turn and creates its noise e.g. match being struck. Players write down what they think each object used was.

Version 2. Items remain hidden all the time or use a recording of the sound (eg toilet flush, kettle boiling, etc). Allow a few moments between each sound for players to write down what they think each sound is.

With the proliferation of devices able to record sounds, you could make an activity where you ask individuals or teams to go around and record a number of distinct sounds and then for the other team (or family members) to see if they can recognise them.

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