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“Good Morning, Madam”

by Kit
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A card game similar to ‘Snap‘ which can sweep both adults and children along. It is extraordinarily silly, but great fun.

Depending on the number of players use one or two packs of cards. Shuffle and deal these out equally face down to each player. Keeping their cards face down each player in turn then takes the top card of their pile and places it face-up on a central pile, with the object of winning all the cards.

The winning cards are:

  • Ace,
  • King,
  • Queen and
  • Jack.

When an Ace appears, everyone slams down the palm of their hand on top of it: the hand at the bottom wins and takes the pile. For a King, everyone executes a British army salute.. If it’s a Queen, everyone yells “Good morning, Madam” at the tops of their voices. For a Jack everyone shoots a hand up as if they were in class. This is invariably followed by lots of yelling, as everyone argues over who spoke or gestured first. As the tension builds up, grown-ups often find themselves far more confused about what they are supposed to be doing, than the younger, sharper mind.

Good one for family, youth work and/or when stuck indoors.

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