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by Kit
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Create a bingo card grid from a sheet of A4 and dividing it into a grid of fairly large squares (say 3 or 4 cm minimum) using a thick pen/pencil and a ruler. In some of the squares write a phrase such as “Has climbed a mountain”, “Rides a bike”, “Has run a marathon”, “Works for a charity”, Etc. Things that it would be interesting to know about someone. The number of squares you fill in is up to you but the more you create the more time it’ll take to complete. Blank out all remaining squares by colouring them in and then photocopy enough copies so that everybody who’ll be there can have one.

At the start of the session/meeting give each person a copy and tell them to find one person who has done each thing. I.e. ask the other players whether they have climbed a mountain or whatever. If the player being asked has done that activity they sign their name to that box. Players can only each time they meet a person one question before moving on (but they can meet the person again later and ask another question.).

Keep going until someone has all of the boxes filled in.

[Editor: – If you have time or the opportunity it might be interesting to ask participants before turning up to the meeting to something about themselves and use that information.]

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