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Find the Ring

by Kit
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AKA ‘Ring-on-the-String’

You need:
– A ring
– A long piece of string (long enough for all players to be able to hold

Players can stand or sit in a circle for this, so it’s a nice one for inclusivity of the less able-bodied.

Thread a ring onto the string and knot the ends of the string together to make a circle/loop. Everybody playing sits (or stands) in a circle facing inwards holding the string in front of them with both hands. One player is chosen to be the ‘finder’ who either leaves the room or leaves the circle and turns their back on the players so they are not able to see the initial set up.

One player takes the ring, hides in their hand and passes it to the next player who passes it on to the next, but all the time keeping it hidden their hands. When ready the finder is recalled to the centre of the circle (remember they will have step over or go under the string to get there) and now has the job of guessing which hand is holding the ring. Players can pretend to move the ring or move it backwards. When the finder has found the ring another takes their place.

Have a look at “Ring-on-a-String-Race” as relay race based on this.

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