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Camping Trip

by Kit
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Sent in by Rhonda Elliot

The camping game is played like this:
Several people sit around the room in a circle (the more the merrier!).  Each person will take a turn telling what they will bring on the “big camping trip” and the leader will decide if that person can go or not.  (The leader is the one person who knows the trick to whether the person’s suggestion will allow them on the trip, or not.  None of the other players is aware of any trick).  THE TRICK:  Each person must bring an item that begins with the initial of their own first name.  The game might progress like this:

Sue:  I am going camping and I am going to bring—–a banana!
Leader:  No, I’m sorry Sue, you cannot come.
Jan:  I am going camping and I am going to bring–some firewood!
Leader:  No, I’m sorry Jan, you cannot come.
Brenda:  I am going camping and I am going to bring a banana.
Leader:  Great, Brenda!  Of course you can come!

The game goes on until somebody finally figures out what the trick is.  It can get quite hilarious and it really is quite fun.  It is also great if a couple of people know the trick–it provides the leader with some back-up and creates greater confusion.

This game doesn’t require anything special and could be something fun to do to liven up a teleconference with friends online. You don’t even need video.

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