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“Inky Poo”

by Kit
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The letters LOL
Glyn School, Epsom circa 1980's

This one was used during Glyn School 6th Form (17-18-year-olds) biology field trips, and can either be used in the form described here or amended to suit as an ongoing stunt for holidays and holiday projects.

Decide on a stupid code word such as “Inky Poo” (which is the one that got used on these trips). Make it clear that this codeword can only be used once or twice a day and only one person is allowed to call it out. To start off with you could make this person yourself so that everybody gets the idea, however, the person who has the privilege also has to wear something stupid… (eg a limpet shell with a bit of seaweed made into a hat). However, within these restrictions, they can shout the code word at any time, at which point everybody taking part has to carry out a daft action. In this case, it was to lie on your backs waving your arms and legs in the air shouting “Horses, horses!”. The last person to comply is the next person who has to wear the silly hat for the day and gets the privilege of calling out next time. Sounds daft? Very!! But fun as there is no real limit to where you can call use the code word, such as on buses, middle of supermarkets, middle of mudflats, transport cafes…. So long as the place chosen is not dangerous.

If you are thinking of doing something like this with younger youth, it would probably be better to keep the privilege of calling out the code word to leaders to make sure it is done safely. And possibly to choose an action that’s more appropriate for the group. Oh… and make sure the leaders do it as well!!

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